A Bakelite Repair

You may have picked up from me by now that I really REALLY adore bakelite jewelry.  I love it’s casual, but quality, look, and they way it stands up to the test of time.  I don’t often worry about wearing out my bakelite pieces, even though some are close to 80 years old.  But I recently purchased a piece that required some repair.  I always buy bakelite at the Antique Weekend and this spring was no exception.  My favorite bakelite vendor didn’t have anything that knocked my socks off and I was feeling a little let down at the idea that I might actually not go home with any new pieces this time.  All of the sudden I said to my shopping buddy  “In here!” like I had a bakelite divining rod or something.  Sure enough, inside the building it was waiting for me.  A bakelite cherry necklace.  It was glorious, and it was mine in under 5 minutes.  The only problem is that the cherries were held on by wax covered strings that were beginning to fray, like the one in this picture:

Photo credit:  Morning Glory Jewelry

The first and only time I wore it cherries were falling off like it was picking season.  Luckily I didn’t lose any and headed straight for my favorite jewelry repair guy.  I was nervous because he had no idea what bakelite was and concerned that the cost to fix it ($65) was going to be more than what the necklace was worth.  Um, no.  I took this opportunity to educate him on the value of bakelite.  Anyhoo, I was kind of worried that I would ruin the necklace – that it would look too new, or repaired.  So, Betties, tell me what you think!  Did I ruin it or is it ok?

He replaced all the fraying string with green copper wire.  I really don’t think it’s too noticeable, and now I’ll be able to wear it without fear!  The cherries still lay pretty well too – here’s a terrible shot of them on:

What’s the verdict?  Have any of you ever had to repair any bakelite?  What were the results?

2 thoughts on “A Bakelite Repair

  1. I have a beautiful bakelite bracelet in the shape of a snake that just broke. One head snapped off. Do you know where this can be repaired? I love this and bought in in Paris-I can’t lose it now!!

  2. A 2 part epoxy from tje craft store should do the trick. Make sure to read the label and let it cure long enough :)

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