BIG Sale In My Etsy Shop!

happiness is homemade finished


Have you been wanting to try one of my crewel kits?  Are you hunting for a killer vintage dress for an amazing price?  Well now is the time!  For a limited time I’m running a 50% off sale in my shop!!  Why?  Well, that’s a funny story.  I’ve got my eye on something special.  Something totally frivolous that I do not need at all.  Something I cannot live without.  So I have decided to raise the money through my etsy shop so I don’t feel so guilty!  Be the beneficiary of my shopping addiction – go scoop up some great deals in my shop while the sale is ON!

Just enter the coupon code “bettyneedsbling” and get 50% off the list price!  That means my Happiness Is Homemade kit is only $24, and KitKat is only $7.50!  Plus there are some killer vintage dresses up for grabs.  Go check it out here!


One thought on “BIG Sale In My Etsy Shop!

  1. Ooh how exciting, can’t wait to see what your “can’t live without it” item is. Hope it is something truly indulgent and just for you! I have just ordered a Happiness is Homemade kit as I have been meaning to have a go at crewel work for over a year. I bought a book, wool, fabric and have got nowhere so far so a kit sounds like the perfect starting point. Really looking forward to it arriving. Take care and I hope you raise enough money very soon. xxx

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