Hello, My Name is Betty and I Can’t Stop Buying Salt and Pepper Shakers.

I was inspired by reading Rae’s recent post over on Say It Ain’t So about her trip to the salt and pepper shaker museum to show you my own growing collection.  I do love me some salt and pepper shakers folks.  They’re so darn cute!  So here we go – these are my complete sets.  Soon I will show you my collection of widows.

Of course you know I’m going to have multiple sets of owls.

Not only are owls just awesome, but they have the most personality of any other of my sets.  The tall brown ones are my most recent acquisition – I found them in Brooklyn on our recent trip to NYC.

But the woodland friends are not limited to owls.

I really love that these skunks have clothespins on their noses.  Cause they stink!  Get it??  Ha.  Anyway, squirrels are also dutifully represented.

These pigs are the set that I actually use.  I love their helpful and sweet little expressions.  They are always ready to serve my salt and pepper needs.

I especially adore these little houses.  Shortie was actually jealous of my score for once when I snagged these at an estate sale!  And the little man and woman came from the same sale.  Don’t feel bad for Shortie though – she got some good sets there too!  This woman had hundreds of sets from the 40s to the 60s.  It was insane.

Aren’t these parakeets sweet?  And the wooden set was a gift from my aunt who really gets my style.  Lastly, the kangaroos are remains from our beloved 1961 Shasta Airflyte, which was decorated in vintage travel souvenirs.  Do you have anything you really regret letting go of?  For Mr. Crafter and I it’s our Shasta.  When we moved a few years ago we thought we didn’t have anyplace for it at the new place.  We should have kept it.  Behold:


One thought on “Hello, My Name is Betty and I Can’t Stop Buying Salt and Pepper Shakers.

  1. My wife and I are retiring to full-time RV travel…and plan to sell the salt & pepper sets we’ve collected over the years. If I send you photos…would you be interested in a possible purchase?


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