I sewed a dress! It isn’t awesome.

I’ve been hankerin’ for some cute sundresses this summer, but not the tight waisted 50s dresses my closet is full of.  I’ve been wanting 70s and 80s breezy, colorful sundresses.  I have a few now and I’ve been wearing them out!  I’ve had this pattern in my stash for quite some time and finally decided I’d give it a whirl:



I decided to try it with a cute ikat fabric.  The fabric I chose worked out great – it has a wonderful drape and is light without being sheer.

The dress is not what I would deem a total success, however.  First of all, why can’t my finished products ever look like the cartoon models on the envelope??  I like it much better when they have photos of real people wearing the project, but vintage patterns never do.  Anyhoo, mine turned out WAY too big and baggy – not at all flattering like it is in the picture, of course.  I took the bodice in an inch and a half on each side and that helped a lot.  Still, it’s not something I’ll wear if I’m trying to look nice.  I think it makes me look heavier than I am.  Ok, enough stalling – here it is.



The bows on the shoulders look and feel a bit bulky for my taste as well.  But it sure is comfy!  It will be great for errands or gardening or loafing.

Next up – I need to take a class on how to custom fit patterns to your own body so I stop investing so much time in clothes that don’t fit right!

12 thoughts on “I sewed a dress! It isn’t awesome.

  1. I don’t think the bows on the shoulders look bad but the bodice looks more bloused on you than the pattern envelope. I think you probably need to shorten the bodice length a little. Overall I think it’s a cute pattern.

  2. You would look good in a paper sack! Congrats on a project complete! I noticed the pattern is a medium. Girl, you are totally a size small.

  3. I agree with those who said the bodice is blousier than on the pattern. I think you’re shorter-waisted and bustier than the models, so both of those will affect how the pattern fits you. But the quality of your work you did looks very nice, and I bet if you just shortened the bodice it would fit great.

  4. It’s funny, I woke up thinking about sewing a summer dress like this. I was going to use old linen tablecloths haha.

    I agree — bodice too long. If it’s elastic waisted — can you take the stitches out and resew them higher. Put the dress on inside out to see where to put the waist.

    Then, you will need to shorten the dress to suit your height.

    Finally — put buttons where the ties are on your shoulders?

    I agree — it’s a pattern with a lot of potential!!!!

    • I think everyone is right – the length of the bodice is definitely the problem. A girlfriend suggested a wide belt instead of the drawstring might solve the problem without cutting the dress apart, which definitely sounds good to me :) And Pam, I like your idea of the buttons! I may try that too.

  5. Aww, it’s such a bummer when you sew something but don’t feel thrilled it with! No surprise I agree with everyone on the bodice. It may be that you have a short torso like I do– I often find I have to shorten bodice pieces. What I sometimes do is measure the bodice piece from the underarm to the bottom, subtract the seam allowance of both of those seams (underarm and waist), and compare with my own body. I know I’m about 7.5″ from underarm to waist, so if I end up with, say, 10″, I know it’ll be too blousy!

    But I still think it’s a really cute sundress, and totally comfy cute! :)

  6. Yup I concur with everyone else! The bodice can easily to be shortened, I,m guessing 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch would do it for you, by marking a line above the waist, measure the tuck and then fold and tape the pattern. Make the same tuck in the same place on the back bodice piece.

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