My holy grail of bakelite

It finally happened.  After about 2 years of faithfully searching the internet, antique shows, high end antique stores, and putting the word out to my favorite bakelite dealers, I have found it.  My bakelite holy grail.  Feast your eyes, friends:

Isn’t it glorious?  Doesn’t its perfection hurt your eyes?  I am beyond thrilled!  Ever since I became aware of the existence of this piece by stumbling across a picture on our old pal, the internet, I have been determined to score one for my very own.  It wasn’t easy!  It took a lot of persistence, but don’t you know, recently this beauty popped up on ebay!  I was prepared to blow our 401k on it if need be, but luckily it did not come to that.  Apparently I am the only one in a frenzied panic over procuring a wood and green bakelite acorn clamper bracelet.  I won it for a very fair price – it was meant to be!

I love love LOVE how it’s half wood and half bakelite.  And the bakelite parts are a gorgeous marbled green.  The wood acorn has a few nicks in it, but hey!  This thing is probably 70 years old.

But the best part is that with this acquisition I have completed my ideal bakelite trifecta:

Oh yeah.  Acorn earrings, squirrel pin, and acorn bracelet.  My woodland bakelite fantasies are complete.



6 thoughts on “My holy grail of bakelite

  1. That is one super neat and lovely collection, and I can’t wait to see all the pieces together in action! The colours and textures look so fab. I can only imagine how exciting it was to find your holy grail!

  2. Did you know that the site www. has a HUGE stash of bakelite beads, buckles, gawd-knows-what-else etc. that they acquired from another supplier who in their turn acquired it all from someone who had all this bakelite for YEARS…they don’t even know what they have because there is just SO MUCH OF IT (as in five trailer-loads, some still in the original boxes!) I read about this fabulous score in Bead&Button magazine a few issues back; as a bakelite fan, you may want to check it out!

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