New Additions to the Enid Family!

A couple new Enids have found their ways to me – yippee!  I also want to show you a bag I’ve had for a long time that I didn’t include in my previous collection post, and tell you its cautionary tale.  You may consider it an Enid Halloween Horror Story…

First up – a bag I’ve been on the lookout for for quite a while.  I’ve wanted this bag simply because of the hilarity of the title.  How is it possible that the meaning of two words could change so drastically in 50 years time?  We will call it the Bag Whose Name Shall Remain Unspoken in fear of the search engine traffic it would generate.

Oh yeah.  That’s right.  Feel free to snicker like a 14 year old boy.  I am.

The other bag was picked up for me by another vintage dealer pal who found it in Arkansas or somewhere.  It sure is nice to have friends who keep an eye out for you!

Isn’t she a beaut?  I’ve never seen this style before, and it’s in fabulous condition.  I’ve seen other transportation themed ones, like Cable Car and Carriage Trade, but never a Model T!  This one is also unusual because it does not have an ec or Collins of Texas logo on the outside lower right hand corner, which they almost always do.  However, the Collins of Texas logo is on the inside top by the mirror, so I know it’s real.  I would assume because of that it’s a later bag, done after Enid had sold the company to the Tandy Leather Corporation.  Still pretty though!

Next up is my knitting bag, which didn’t make it in to my previous post about my collection.  This is the one bag that gets used.  Or, I should clarify, DID get used…

I always kept a knitting project in this bag, but always at home, until recently when I began using it to haul my knitting to and from the shop.  Well yesterday at the shop I noticed a jewel was missing!  The horror!  And when I went to photograph it I noticed ANOTHER was missing!  (Insert horror B movie scream)  You can see the carnage here in the lower left corner of the bag.  I had one jewel in my stash that was close, and after scouring the path from the car to the front door I was fortunate to find one of the original fallen jewels:

Ahhh…all better.  You *almost* can’t tell.  So I hereby vow never to use any of my Enid’s again.  Too risky!

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