One More Pink Bathroom Saved!

Last June the Crafter family was fortunate enough to score the most amazing time capsule mid century ranch in all the land.  We’re totally crackers for this house.  It was like it was made for us!  It has everything we ever said we wanted in a house – a fireplace, original kitchen and baths, a huge lot, outbuildings, a creek – and add onto that the fact that the original kitchen is TURQUOISE for the love of all things and the baths were one green and one pink!  For a few years before buying this house I had recurring dreams about a house with a pink and a green bathroom, so I guess this really is the house of my dreams!  The one fly in the ointment was the pink bathroom.  Although the original tile (pink with blue trim) was in great shape, the sink was horrendous – an 80’s wood vanity with faux-marble sink top, and the toilet had a wood seat.  Here is the listing picture from when we bought the house:

To my eye these “updates” just ruined the magic of the pink bathroom.  So I set out to restore this little gem back to its glory days.  It wasn’t expensive or difficult.  One pink toilet seat from amazon and a $5 pink sink from craigslist and ta-da!  Here we are!

We were lucky that the pink sink and toilet seat matched pretty well, and that the tile behind and under the old vanity wasn’t damaged.  I do have a little grout cleaning still to do on the floor under the sink, but that’s totally do-able.  In all, our mini bathroom restoration project was cheap, easy, and hugely satisfying.  Our bathroom is now the magical pink palace it was meant to be.  *sniff*

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