Pincushions = The Cutest Things Ever

Were you aware that vintage pincushions were cuter than a bucket of rainbows?  Well it’s 100% scientific fact.  Observe:

Photo credit: Antiques Navigator

Photo credit: Jane Foster Blog

Photo credit: AnnaBelle Arts

Makes your teeth hurt they’re so sweet, right?  Anything that saccharine sweet is DEFINITELY up my alley.  I picked up this helpful little lion at an estate sale:

 Isn’t he a doll?  He’s my little sewing minion – always at my side ready to provide any needed instruments.  But Betties, none of these pincushions can even compare to the amazing pincushions I have begun to collect made by the amazing Leslie Bonnell.  Are you ready for your eyeballs to explode from cuteness?  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

I can’t stop buying them!  Every time I visit her store, I see another I just can’t leave behind.  It’s ridiculous.  Typical Betty response would be to find inspiration to make my own.  But in this rare example, I just know I could never replicate the perfection that Leslie has achieved.  In any case, we can add pincushions to my long list of various collections.  Do you have any adorable vintage pincushions laying around, or have you ever made one?

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