Planting Fairy Gardens = A Perfect Sunday

Little Betty and I went to a fabulous garden center on Sunday to get some plants for the big garden project we have coming up this week.  We were diverted, however, when we discovered this place had an entire area devoted to fairy gardens!  Well at that point it was over for us.  We were obsessed and decided we both needed one.  We gleefully planned our respective fairy gardens and got right down to business as soon as we got home.



I already had the start of one in my bullet planter – meaning I had some mushrooms and gnomes in there.  Please don’t mind my naughty gnome – he is harmless.  Mr. Crafter brought him back from Scotland for me when we were just dating.



So I just added some sweet little ornamental plants, a footbridge, and a gazing ball.



I heart it bigtime.



This one is Little Betty’s.  Isn’t it darling?  She picked out everything for it all by herself – all the plants and accessories.  I think she did a lovely job.



Now we have plans to make tons more little accessories out of polymer clay.  I see a new obsession coming on…

6 thoughts on “Planting Fairy Gardens = A Perfect Sunday

  1. Our girls make fairy houses all over in the woods. Every once in a while the fairies visit and leave a bit of fairy dust. They are thrilled when this happens. There is a cute children’s book called Fairy houses by Tracy Kane that we found in the library that got my girls interested in building their fairy houses. The fairies even left some shed deer antlers one summer when we went on vacation. Every spring the fairy houses get spruced up with new bark leaves and moss, they’ve even fashioned swimming pools and hammocks for those lucky fairies! The girls got some fairy garden accessories for Easter last year. We’ve gathered more over this winter and are looking forward to planning our fairy gardens this spring. Pinterest has a ton of fairy garden ideas to check out as well. We just got a another foot of snow so those fairies will have to wait a bit longer for us!

  2. Those are absolutely adorable and I love them! I’m also insanely jealous that there are green blooming things in your yard. Everything here is snow-covered at the moment.

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