Scenes of Vintage Christmas at Casa Crafter

Our decorations are all up, and I’ve really been enjoying how great everything looks in our new house.  One thing I really love about this house is that it feels very cozy and homey, kind of like my grandparents rec room in the 70s.  Maybe it’s the knotty pine paneling everywhere, aided by our vintage furnishings.  However it happened, I find it comforting and nostalgic and it makes me happy.  It’s a lot different than our old house which very nice but more in an interior design magazine kind of way – looked great in pictures but was a little awkward for every day living.  Anyway, the Christmas decorations going up have really underscored this difference between our old and new houses.  The whole house feels warm and fuzzy to me and I wanted to share a few shots of our Kitschmas Wonderland!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?  Leave a link in the comments!

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