Shiny Floors = Awesomer floors

Recently over on No Pattern Required Sara talked about the importance of sealing your VCT floors and NOT using the consumer quality sealer available at big box stores.  Which we totally did after we had our VCT installed.  It didn’t give us the shine we were hoping for and scuffed up pretty easily.  When our contractor came to begin some other renovations on the house he suggested we let him wax and buff our VCT while he was there.  Let me tell you – it was SO worth the money!  Here’s a picture of our floors after installation:

And here’s a floor after a couple coats of wax and a buff! (Please excuse the less than amazing night time picture – the weather here has been lousy and our house is crazy with workmen during the day)

It’s so smooth and shiny now and doesn’t scuff up anymore.  I highly recommend to anyone with VCT a professional wax and buff, not just for aesthetics, but apparently this will help maintain them better as well.  Our contractor says after this we can just have it buffed once a year.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but don’t worry – I’ll be posting plenty soon about more changes around here like our pink bathroom restoration, some playhouse fixing up, and the exciting barn renovations!

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