Texas in Springtime

Springtime in Texas is one of my favorite times – such gorgeous weather, wildflowers, and lush trees and grass.  And this spring we’ve been gifted with record breaking cool temperatures so the Crafter fam has been soaking up as much outdoor time as possible!  We’re totally all about camping right now:



Roasting vegan marshmallows and veggie dogs, swimming, hiking, and enjoying Little Betty’s surprisingly good ghost stories around the campfire – perfection.


I’ve also been way into watching my little garden grow!







I’m already harvesting a few veggies here and there which is so exciting!




I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but with 5 tomato plants I’ll have plenty of homemade bloody mary mix.





Soon, blackberries.  Soon.



And figs, don’t think I haven’t noticed you filling out by the hundreds in my little fig orchard. I’m VERY excited about the figs.



Everything is expanding nicely too.  My little herb corners are spreading and pumpkin and melon vines are exploring the surrounding areas.



My succulent centerpiece is filling out too.  I love having a bit of ornamentation in my garden.

How is the spring weather in your neck of the woods?

8 thoughts on “Texas in Springtime

  1. Not too far from you here in Fort Worth. The really cool weather lately has been unusual. Didn’t hurt our garden any. Plants are probably enjoying it before really hot weather sets in.

    • I know Linda – I’m really trying to enjoy the cool weather while I can! It’s pretty idyllic, don’t you think?

    • Lauren, I’m sure the timing will be perfect for you – as soon as you get settled in to your new house, the weather will be just right for gardening!

  2. Wow, what a great garden! We still have snow in our front yard, but just a bit. It is finally starting to feel like spring-I live in Alaska, so we can’t plant anything till around Memorial Day because of the danger of hard frost. I will just drool over your pictures!!

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