There is a small chance I might have overdone it on the crewel pillows.

Mr. Crafter – in fact, every male who has been to our house recently – is of the opinion that I have too many pillows on the couch.   But I – and in fact, every female who has been to our house recently – has agreed that it’s awfully comfy to have a lot of pillows on the couch.  So you can see we have a real Mars vs. Venus situation on our hands here.

Even I acknowledge that this is probably pushing the limits of the acceptable pillow-to-couch ratio, but what’s a crewel-loving gal like me to do?  Stop buying/making them?  Never!  

I guess my only option is to start farming them out to other parts of the house.  Every room and upholstered surface at Casa Crafter shall be adorned with crewel pillows!  Every wall covered with framed crewel work!  (I shiver with glee at the thought!)

That’s the awesome/crazy thing about Mr. Crafter and I.  Neither one of us does anything halfway.  When we get obsessed with something (which happens regularly) we totally go for it.  For me, bakelite! Vintage purses! Enid Collins!  Squirrels! Vintage Christmas!  CREWEL!  For him, James Dean! Rusty signs! Vintage Matador stuff!  Danish Modern furniture! Photography!  There was even a whole year where he was obsessed with the color brown.  It’s a miracle we’re not in the poorhouse.

But in my defense, how am I supposed to pass up an amazing piece of crewel?  They are so charming, and the great ones are getting so hard to find these days.  I have no willpower.

In other news of my shameless obsessions, I couldn’t resist splurging on one last after Christmas sale item:

It was 75% off!  It had to be done.  I can’t decide if I’ll put it in Little Betty’s room next year or not – I kinda like it right there.  But please notice the absence of other Christmas decorations.  I finally broke down and put them away.

Anyone else have borderline clinical obsessions like me?

18 thoughts on “There is a small chance I might have overdone it on the crewel pillows.

  1. *raises hand* All kinds of them. I can’t resist a cool skirt at the thrift store. Or cool shoes. Or cool fabric. Or a cool kitchen/sewing gadget. I am running out of SPACE to put everything! So I can totally understand where you are coming from. No sooner does one say to oneself: “I will NEVER buy another (insert article of your choice here: crewel pillow/rusty sign/ bakelite object); I’ve got ENOUGH of them!’ when of course a whole SPATE of cool crewel pillows/rusty signs/bakelite objects will appear everywhere as though summoned from the vintage underworld!

  2. Yes, yes and yes. I just read an article in Atomic Ranch and they were collecting Mirro Medallion and I have one cool piece of that. So now I am obsessed with owning every piece. Immediately. When I get enamored with a new craft I have to completely fill my closet with every possible tool and supply and then most of the time I grind to a halt right there. But, that’s what makes me tick I guess.

  3. Those are such awesome pillows! I love how they run the gamut–from plain lovely, to lovely/humorous, lovely/psychedelic, etc. I have to agree with you, it seems like they are VERY hard to find! I can’t say I’ve ever found ANY worth buying just while out thrift shopping or at a yard sale, akin to yours.

  4. i am the SAME WAY. i get OBSESSED with things, I can never just like them. Thankfully Travis isn’t the same way and he can be the voice of reason sometimes. I love all your crewel!

  5. Sometimes I think being a vintage lover is a sickness. I find it increasingly difficult to leave behind vintage clothing at the thrift store/estate sale/flea market even if it damaged beyond repair. I think we are all hoarders by design. However, your collection of crewel pillows is nothing short of amazing! And who says too many pillows is a problem? 😉

  6. Might I suggest rotating? Keep some out for spring and then change for summer, or go with more pink ones, then green, etc. Or, maybe toss some solid ones in there for contrast. They’re all cool, but there’s so much you can’t appreciate them all at once.

    • Haha! Tell Tom to just be glad I’m not headed your way to corrupt you and encourage you to buy lots of knick-knacks :) Although I probably will be up that way before too long…

  7. I’m awful with my thrifted collections.Once I see something I like I feel the need to own all of them and my husband is the same. For crafting supplies it’s vintage sheets, embroidery hoops, embroidery wool, sweaters and vintage trims. My other obsessions are vintage tablecloths, old Fisher Price toys, Pyrex dishes, Cathrineholm ware, vintage children’s books and cookbooks. My whole house with is outfitted in 1960s furniture, lamps and decorations from the thrift store. My husband on the other hand has simple tastes: cameras and vinyl.
    Damn the thrift store is closed. I want to go now!

  8. I really love the pillows!! They are amazing I think I see room for twenty more! Lol! Basically your exact couch is my dream couch no lie! I love that its new so it has all the amazing mcm charm without any flaws.

    • Thanks Melinda! I really resisted getting a new vs. vintage couch, but I REALLY wanted something comfy and with plenty of room for lots of people. This one has everything I wanted and still looks good. I totally love it.

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