Little Betty’s not the only one who got a new bed…

Mama and Papa did too!  Our new Heywood Wakefield bed was finally delivered and we couldn’t be happier with it.  They only offer one color and we were nervous it wouldn’t match the rest of our vintage set of wheat colored Heywood Wakefield (Rio? I’m not for sure.  Anyone know?)  but it turned out to be an almost perfect match.  I can highly recommend getting this to anyone else who has a vintage Heywood Wakefield bedroom set but doesn’t want to squeeze into a full size bed.  We got the king size.  I’m pretty happy with the bedding, but we’re still vacillating on whether or not we need king size pillows.  Thoughts on that?  I do, however, really like the bedding.  The quilt and shams are from West Elm and I love the coral color.  I think it pulls the other colors in the room together.  And the aqua vintage Whitney Point blanket echos the turquoise lamp.  I can’t decide if I need a larger piece of art over the bed.  What do you think?

So I figured with the room finally feeling complete it was a good time to give you a tour of the whole bedroom!

One of my favorite little details in our bedroom is our bedside lamps – 2 50s TV lamps.  A squirrel for me and a ship for the mister.  Quite appropriate as you all know my deep love for squirrels and the mister probably has at least 7 huge ship tattoos.

You can also get a good view of our barkcloth curtains here.  They aren’t wide enough to cover the whole window and I wish I had been able to find 2 more panels but finding 4 panels of vintage barkcloth drapes is hard enough!  And these were the exact colors I wanted.  I really love the dark green background and the chartreuse and coral colors echo the chartreuse wall color and the coral/burgundy bedding, wall art, and chair.

This is one of my favorite spots in the house.  I really enjoy doing all my girly stuff here.  One  constant challenge for me is jewelry storage, as you can see.  I’ve got it stashed everywhere.

Necklaces on tole hooks…

Necklaces on a C Jere wall sculpture (the missing leaves are perfect for hanging them on!)

Bakelite bracelets on a bracelet tree, alpine chalet jewelry box for rings and earrings.

Lucite and silver bracelets on a gold confetti serving plate.  I may have a jewelry problem.

Purse storage is also a challenge.  This bookshelf does a good job of holding my non-Enid, smaller handbags. I still don’t have a good system for my larger and shoulder bags.

Of course the spaces in our home are always a work in progress, but it’s nice to finally feel that this room is “done.”  It’s a warm and relaxing space for us that feels functional and pulled together at last.  The only thing left on my list is figuring out a way to create a walk in closet.  The one thing I can’t live with mid century style are the closets!


18 thoughts on “Little Betty’s not the only one who got a new bed…

  1. I agree on a bigger piece of art. I would like to see more of a statment there and I think smaller rooms look bigger when you put bigger things in them.
    And for the curtains how about mixing in some solid panels to fill things out?

    • Carol, I’ve got a piece of art from my recent picking trip I’m considering for that space – it’s a cool 40s tropical print. Maybe I’ll do a before and after post to see what looks better. And I like your idea about adding some solid panels!

    • Hey Susan! We’re not really throw pillow people. They get on my nerves to no end – what do you do with them while you’re sleeping?? They always seem to end up all over the floor.

      • I agree! My bed has pillows for two heads and that’s all I need. I’m afraid at night when I’d remove decorative pillows, my cats and dog would take possession and not give them back anyway!

  2. Your bedroom looks so lovely Betty and that bed is amazing!

    We’ve been going back and forth on the king pillows too, as we just got our Heywood king bed a year ago. We did get wind up getting king pillows because we wanted to use the pillowcases that came in the king sheet set, but really I think the regular ones look just fine too.

    I was spacing the name of your bedroom set, so I just looked it up in my Heywood book – it’s called Riviera!

    • Sara, I KNEW you would know the name of that set! I originally knew it was Riviera, but I couldn’t remember either! That’s great you have the same bed – what set do you have?
      I know what you mean about the pillowcases. I’m such a freak that I bought both standard and king size cases just in case I change my mind and West Elm stops carrying that design :)

  3. gorgeous! i need to look into those beds. we sleep in a vintage full bed and i think it drive travis crazy sometimes. but i love my bed!
    that squirrel lamp is pretty perfect. i have a pug/poodle tv lamp that i am obsessed with! even if most of the light comes from their creepy eyes.
    your vanity is gorgous, i love the chair, and your blue lamp!
    i agree with the above, a larger piece of art over the bed would look great. i like how king pillows LOOK on a king bed, but I don’t love sleeping on them. they just seem too huge for some reason.

  4. One thing I can say about king size pillows – getting the pillow cases onto them is really a pain! I think what you have looks great and wouldn’t actually recommend filling up the bed with more pillows. That’s a trend that came into vogue only in the 90’s to be honest. Vintage magazines that I’ve seen never show lots of pillows on a bed .

  5. How about using king size pillows under the spread and keeping the smaller pillows on the bed like you have. That would puff up the back and you could spread the regular pillows out a bit. It used to be that bedspreads always covered the pillows. (in fact the sort of tucked under the pillows) They never seem to be quite long enough now.

  6. Love the stuff you’ve done, Betty! What’s the story on that Swiss chalet? I’m guessing it’s a music box because I have one like it, but smaller and more white. It was at my grandmother’s house and now it belongs to me. I love it!

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  8. Here’s an idea for earring storage (must be pierced). Take vintage embroidery hoops & stretch felt (or vintage fabric if it’s porous enough) across and then poke the earrings through and secure on the back with their backs. Your jewelry becomes a work of art that you can hang around your dressing table!

    • That’s a great idea Shandra! Lord knows I have enough great vintage fabric lying around – I just may try that – thanks!

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